Cockermouth Harmonic Society Equal Opportunities Policy



4.1  Soloists, Instrumentalists, orchestras and musicians generally taking part in the Society’s concerts.

The Society shall engage musicians purely on the basis of musical ability and affordability with respect to the Society’s budget.

Copies of this policy should be made available to anyone who has a contractual undertaking with the society.

This also applies to the Society’s Musical Director.

4.2  Suppliers and contractors

Anyone entering a supply arrangement with the Society shall be engaged on the basis of suitability for the job/task and affordability within the Society’s budget.

An appointed committee member should keep records of what arrangements have been made with suppliers or contractors and on what basis such people were selected



2.1 Membership of the Cockermouth Harmonic Society is open to anyone of suitable musical ability.  In order to assess musical ability prospective members may be invited by the Secretary to attend an audition with the Musical Director.

There is normally no audition required to join the Society.  The Society suggests a one month settling in period where new members establish whether they and the Society generally are musically well-matched.  Where the officers or committee members have concerns that members do not have suitable musical ability and before the member pays a full subscription, implying membership of the Society, the Secretary may invite the member to an audition with the Musical Director.

2.2 Practices

The venues used for the Society’s practices should be DDA compliant.  This applies not only to the practice room itself, but ancillary facilities such as toilets.


Practices are normally held in the United Reformed Church, Cockermouth which is DDA compliant.  However, if a practice is to be held in different venues the Secretary should check to see whether these are DDA compliant.

2.3 Performances

The Society should make arrangements for choir members with any disability to be seated in an accessible location

Concert and rehearsal seating plans should take into account any choir members with disabilities.  Other choir member(s) or delegated individual(s) will be assigned to give assistance as the need arises.

2.4  Music: Blind or Partially Sighted Members

The Society should make arrangements for the hire of music in Braille or other formats if the need arises.

The Membership Secretary will establish whether there is a specific need for music in a non-standard format.  If there is, the Librarian shall be notified of this.  The Librarian should obtain music to suit the member’s need.

2.5  Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a major source of income for the Society.  The membership fee is agreed each year by the Society Committee.  The Society shall make reductions in membership fees taking into account people’s ability to pay.

The following should apply:

  • Young people (under 25) in full time education shall pay a reduced subscription.
  • Other people may apply to the Treasurer for a reduction in fee.  The Treasurer shall refer this to the officers of the Society, who may agree to a reduction as the situation merits.

4.	Suppliers, Contractors, Soloists 3.	Concerts in which Cockermouth Harmonic Society takes part



3.1  Venues used by the Society  for its own concerts.

These should be DDA compliant.

An inspection of the venue under consideration as performance locations for the Society should be made.

It should be a condition of the hall booking that it is DDA compliant.

 3.2  Concerts organised by others at which Cockermouth Harmonic Society performs.

These venues should be DDA compliant.

The Secretary shall write to the organisation promoting the concert, and the Society’s wish that the venue should be DDA compliant.

3.3  Concert Ticket Prices

Income from ticket sales is essential for the Society’s finances, and therefore the scope for giving discounts on ticket prices is limited.

Young people (under 25) in full time education shall be given a reduction in price for concerts organised by the Society.   

1. Introduction

The Cockermouth Harmonic Society has a policy of not discriminating against people on the grounds of race, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs, socio-economic status or any other reason not related specifically to the Society’s aims and objectives (i.e. musical ability).

 The policy has three areas of applicability:

In order for a policy to be meaningful and able to be validated, there needs also to be procedures that demonstrate how the policy is put into practice.  Thus in the sections which follow, alongside the policy a column of procedure is given.


2. Membership of the Cockermouth Harmonic Society